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Parent Resource handbook

President’s Message

Welcome to the 2019 season of summer recreational swimming with the Pinole Seals Swim Club. This is our 51st year of providing quality competitive recreational swimming in West Contra Costa County. We strive to promote a fun and positive swim experience by providing an excellent coaching staff to teach and motivate swimmers to achieve their personal best. We are excited about this swim season and know that together we can make it the best season yet. As past athletes and avid fitness enthusiasts, we are excited to see our own children learn, set goals and strive to be their very best.

It is honestly a joy to see the special bonds made between swimmers of all ages each summer as this team has truly been built on teamwork. It has been in this organization’s framework, as a tradition, to empower older swimmers to encourage and even help coach younger swimmers. This tradition has been an incredible asset to all swimmers and has help build lifelong friendships.

As parents, we have seen our own swimmers grow and change in amazing ways. We are proud that through their dedication and hard work and this team’s strong sense of sportsmanship and comradery that they have learned to love swimming and have developed essential skills that will last a lifetime. Our goas is that every swimmer on this team will have an amazing experience just like our swimmers have had and every parent will witness just how wonderful it is to be a Pinole Seal!

Let’s Work Together

The Pinole Seals Swim Club is a non-profit organization run completely by parent/family volunteers. There are many areas in which help is needed. For away meets we primarily need parents to work as timers. At home meets, in addition to timing jobs, we need parents to work in the snack bar and at the computer desk. We have some coordinator positions open. For example, we need people knowledgeable with computers to perform meet entries and post results during home meets, or you might enjoy officiating at the meets. There is a clinic in the spring that offers training for this role. By volunteering you will help spread the workload so that no one group of parents is overworked. We would recommend that you don’t approach your work credit requirement with dread, but view it as a way to help your swimmer and all the other swimmers have meets that run smoothly and have a team that can provide social activities. The added benefit to volunteering is you will get to know the other families. The Pinole Seals team is known for its camaraderie. Not only will your swimmer have a fun summer, but you too will make new friends. Our parent/board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 pm, except in December. They are open to all parents of the team. Please consider attending. We meet at the Alex Clark Room at the Pinole Public Safety Building, 880 Tennent Avenue, Pinole.

Maureen Banuelos and Heidi Vasarhely


Seals Board of Directors


Contact Information

(510) 758-7566

Pinole Seals Swim Club

P.O. Box 516

Pinole, CA 94564

Pool Location

2450 Simas Avenue
Pinole, CA 94564



Mission Statement

The Pinole Seals Swim Club is dedicated to providing a high quality, competitive, recreational swim team. The swim team shall be operated in a manner so as to teach children the value of teamwork, commitment, and dedication to the task of accomplishing individual and common goals. The team shall also be operated so as to teach the technical skills necessary to compete in a competitive swimming environment.


  • To provide the youth of West Contra Costa County and adjacent communities the opportunity to learn competitive swimming skills and to participate on a swim team.
  • To teach the youth the physical and mental skills necessary to successfully participate as a member of a team in a competitive swim environment.
  • To teach the youth the value of physical and mental preparation, setting individual goals, and the self-discipline and fortitude necessary to accomplish those goals.
  • To provide the youth an opportunity to learn personal and interpersonal social skills.

League: Twin Counties Swim League

The Pinole Seals Swim Club is a member of the Twin Counties Swim League. During the season we will swim against each team in the Conference in dual meets. All conference teams will participate in the League Championship Meet at the end of the swim season. The following teams are part of the Twin Counties swim league:

American Canyon AHI

Benicia Stingrays

Crockett Crockett-iles

Hercules Piranhas

Vista Diablo Dolphins

Martinez Otters

General Team Information and Policies

1. Registration and Fees

A swimmer will not be allowed to register for the current season if there are any unpaid fees from the previous season. All outstanding fees are due prior to your swimmer(s) entering the water for the new season.

First Swimmer -$360.00

Second Swimmer - $306.00

Third Swimmer - $270.00

Fourth and Fifth swimmer - $180.00

15-18's - $270.00

Spring session - $85.00 for 9 weeks of 5 days a week in the water.

All invitational fees are the responsibility of each swimmer’s family.

No credit is given for vacation or illness.

2. Leaving the Team

If you withdraw your swimmer from the team within the first five days of the swimmer’s officially registered start date, you can request a refund of all participation fees and a portion of the registration fees. There is a non-refundable $35 cancellation fee per swimmer, with no exceptions.To notify the team of your withdrawal and request a refund, contact the treasurer (treasurer@pinoleseals.org) within the first five days of the swimmer’s officially registered start.

3. Team Code of Conduct Please sign and turn in the Code of Conduct at the end of this book

Swimmers, parents, and coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that shall bring credit to themselves, their team, communities, and families. Good sportsmanship is expected by all at both workouts and meets (home and away). Swimmers, parents, and coaches who fail to abide by the Team Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action that may include being required to leave the pool deck immediately. Disruptive behavior during a practice can result in removal from practice at the discretion of the coach(es).

Swimmers are expected to:

Attend all regular workouts. Be attentive and listen at practice.

Always swim to their best ability.

Be cooperative with coaches and considerate of their teammates at all times.

Always display good character by being respectful and polite to others.

Practice good sportsmanship during workouts and at meets.

Follow all pool rules at all times at home and away.

Clean up after themselves and not leave personal belongings at the pool.

Participate in meet warm-ups.

Coaches are expected to:

Serve as role models.

Foster sportsmanship, fair play, and building of the mind and body in a competitive atmosphere.

Provide an appropriate level of discipline at practices and meets.

Actively encourage and motivate swimmers to do their best at practices and meets.

Unify the team and build team spirit.

Parents are expected to:

Support coaches.

Support their child’s efforts through encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Provide general parental guidance for their children.

Provide transportation for their swimmer to and from meets.

Actively volunteer at meets and/or participate in other team events.

Pay all fees on time.

Set an example of sportsmanship and leadership for the children. This includes the use of appropriate language and behavior on deck.

4. Parent Obligations

Each family is required to earn a minimum of eight (8) work credits (6 credits for families registering after July 1). Extra points earned above the minimum of 8 can be applied to invitational fees at $10 per a point, up to a maximum of $50.

Families with only 15–18 year-old swimmers are required to work only 4 credits.

All swim meet work sign-ups are done online.

Failure to fulfill your work credit obligation will result in a $50 fine for each credit missed. Maximum fine is $400.

If you cannot make your shift at a meet, please contact the Parent Work Coordinator ASAP. This is imperative because we cannot run a meet without an adequate number of parent volunteers. No shows or late shows will be fined $50 per missed work slot.

Every family, regardless of the swimmer’s age, is required to work the following meets if your swimmer participates: Time Trials, Invitational Meets, League Meet, and County Meet. Working at these meets does not earn mandatory work credits.

Every family is required to participate and raise a minimum of $150.00 in our annual Swim-a-Thon fundraiser.

5. Coaches’ Policies

Regular and punctual attendance is expected. Only consistent workouts will improve an individual’s ability, speed, and stamina.

Always make sure your swimmer arrives on time for meet warm-ups, which are mandatory.

Event line-ups are at the coaches’ discretion. Every effort is made to ensure your child swims their best strokes. If a swimmer is scheduled in an event, he/she is expected to swim that event without complaints. Changes are rarely made to meet entries on the day of a swim meet. We ask that you honor and respect the coaches’ decisions by ensuring your child swims their scheduled events.

Individual swimmers earn relay positions, based on attendance, attitude, improvement,
and speed.

Please do not talk to the coaches while they are conducting a workout or during a meet. Consider the pool deck a classroom. If you need to ask questions about meet entries, workouts, etc., make an appointment to talk to the coach after practice.The coaching staff will gladly speak with you when they can give you their full attention.

Any swimmer whose behavior is deemed detrimental to himself/herself, the team, or others may face suspension from the team. Coaches can dismiss a swimmer from a practice or meet for being a disruptive influence at any time.

6. Pool Deck Rules

During practice, all non-swimmers are asked to:

Stay away from the edge of the pool.

Walk on the pool deck.

Refrain from conversing with swimmers and/or coaches during workouts.

Supervise non-swimming children at all times.

Stay out of the small pool.

Obey the lifeguard on duty.

7. Vacations

If you know in advance that your family will be on vacation for two or more days and your child is unable to attend specific meets, you must notify the coaches.

It is especially important to inform the coaches if your swimmer will be missing the League Championship Meet, since the team pays all fees well in advance. If you don’t attend the League meet and neglect to inform the coaches before the deadline, you are responsible for reimbursing the team for your entry fees.

8. Transportation

For the safety of all swimmers, drivers under the age of 18 may not transport other swimmers to and from any practice or meet. Team liability insurance also prohibits coaches from transporting any swimmer (including junior coaches) to practices, meets, or any other team function, including social events and age group parties. According to the DMV’s provisional driver’s license restrictions: “With your provisional driver’s license, you must be accompanied and supervised by a licensed parent, guardian, or other licensed driver 25 years of age or older, or by a licensed or certified driving instructor when you:

Transport passengers under 20 years of age at any time, for the first twelve months.

This means you cannot give anyone under 20 years old (your friends, your brother(s), sister(s), cousin(s), etc.) a ride unless you have a licensed parent, a guardian, or other adult 25 years old or older in the car with you.

9. Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

There is no alcohol or tobacco product of any kind (including but not limited to vaping and e-cigarette devices) permitted at any swim function or inside the pool area.

10. Team Suits

The style of the team suit changes every other year on even years. Although we recommend and encourage team suits to promote unity and team spirit, they are not required. Suits can be purchased online through the Seals website.

11. Team Spirit Wear

Pinole Seal logo t-shirts, sweatshirts, swim caps, and other items can be ordered or purchased on the pool deck during home meets. Parkas are only available by special order. Contact the Purchasing Coordinator for more information, including sizes, prices, and availability. Email: purchasing@pinoleseals.org

12. Individual and Team Photos

There are two organized photo days for the Seals. Individual swimmer photos are taken early in the season, and the team photo is taken on a later date.

Individual photos are optional and taken during practice on the pool deck by a professional photographer. Order sheet and payment are due on picture day. Individual retakes are available on the team photo day.

For team picture day, all swimmers are asked to wear their team suit or one similar in color. Team photo order and payment are due to the photographer on team photo day. All photos are distributed via the family folders and may take up to three weeks to be delivered.

13. Grievances

Please talk to the Head Coach first if you have any concerns about your swimmer’s progress and/or the coaching techniques of the staff. You may bring any concerns not satisfactorily dealt with by the Head Coach to the Board of Directors as well. Safety issues and other general team concerns should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.

14. Communications

Website: The Pinole Seals website, www.pinoleseals.org, provides general information about team activities as well as your child’s swim times.

Email: The team email list is used to broadcast information to all participating families about upcoming meets, meetings, events, and schedule changes. E-mail addresses are considered personal information & used for team purposes only.

Remind Notifications: Get convenient text reminders from the Pinole Seals. Type rmd.at/seals17 into your web browser and follow the instructions to sign up, or text the message @seals17 to 81010.

Family Information Folders: Every Seal family has a folder in the file cart kept on the pool deck. This folder is used to distribute flyers, ribbons and other team information. Check your folder often!

Bulletin Board: You will find the most up-to-date event team information on the team bulletin board. We recommend you check it daily.

15. Age Groups

Your swimmer’s age as of June 15th, 2017 determines which age group she will participate in for the entire season. Children are grouped as follows:

6 and under (Including Seal Pups*)

7 and 8 year olds

9 and 10 year olds

11 and 12 year olds

13 and 14 year olds

15 through 18 year olds

Minimum Swim Requirements

Seal Pups*
(ages 3-4), Learn to swim
Ability to float, hold breath underwater and be comfortable in the water without any floating device assistance.
6 & Under, 7–8 25 yards (one lap)


50 yards (two laps)
15–18 100 yards (four laps)

*To participate on the team, Seal Pups (3–4 year olds) must be potty trained.

16. Practice Schedule

Practice takes place at the Pinole Pool, located at 2554 Simas Avenue, Pinole, at a time assigned by the coaching staff. All swimmers, 8 years old and younger, must have a parent/guardian on the pool deck for the duration of her swim practice. Any child left unattended on the pool deck will not be allowed to practice or will be removed from the pool, if the parent/guardian is not present. This policy is for the safety and well-being of all swimmers.

17. Swim Meets

The Pinole Seals Swim Club is a competitive recreational swim team. As with any other sports team, an important part of the training (and fun) involves participating in actual competition. For the Seals, competition comes in the form of swim meets.

Meets can be broken down into three types: dual meets, which are one-on-one team competitions between the individual teams in our league; fun meets, which are dual meets with teams outside of our league, and invitational meets, which can involve many teams.

It is expected that swimmers will attend all dual swim meets for which they are eligible, and they must mark be marked “Available” or “Not Available” in our online system. This helps the coaches with meet entries and to reduce last minute on deck changes during a meet.

Invitational meets can also be broken down into two types: open invitational meets are open to all swimmers on the team; limited invitational meets are limited to swimmers that meet certain eligibility requirements.

“Available” or “Not Available” for a Meet:

Participation in dual meets is expected for all swimmers that are eligible. With this in mind, the coaches use an “Available” or “Not Available” system, where all eligible swimmers are expected to attend unless they are marked “not available”. It is very important that you mark your swimmer “Not Available” for any meet you will not be attending, so the coaches can plan a fair and smooth running meet.

For Wednesday meets, the deadline is the preceding Sunday at midnight. For Saturday meets, the deadline is the preceding Wednesday at midnight.

Relay Teams:

Relay teams are an opportunity for swimmers to work together in a competition. Consisting of four swimmers, each relay team swims a combined 100 or 200 yards, depending on age. Please compliment and encourage your child if he/she is selected for a relay team. Relay positions are earned. To be selected for a relay, an individual swimmer must demonstrate consistent attendance, good attitude, improvement and speed. It is an honor to swim on a relay team. If your swimmer is selected for a medley relay team, please ensure he/she arrives to the pool on time, as this is the first event. Make sure your swimmer stays for the duration of the meet if selected for the freestyle relay team, which is the final event.

Do not leave the meet without checking with the head coach to see if your swimmer is placed in a relay.

Remember, your child is part of a team with other children. If your child does not follow through on his/her commitments, it negatively impacts the other members of the relay team. Although we are empathetic to extenuating circumstances, we ask parents to use their utmost discretion when pulling a swimmer from a relay team at the last minute. Also note that swimmers may be slated to substitute for a relay team member at the last minute.

Time Trials:

The purpose of Time Trials is to establish official baseline times for swimmers, and for the team to test the equipment prior to the first dual meet, as well as to give new families the opportunity to become familiar with how the meet runs. All families are expected to assist with running Time Trials. Working at Time Trials does not count toward required work credits. Directly following Time Trials each swimmer who participates earns a cold sweet treat.

Swimming Up One Age Group:

Swimmers may swim up one age group only if they do not have a Silver time in that event for the higher age group or a County (Gold) time in that event for their own age group. Swimmers who swim up must fill a relay leg for which there are no eligible swimmers available in that age group.

During any one meet a swimmer may swim in one age group only; the swimmer's actual age group or the next older age group.

Invitational Meets:

Unlike a regular dual meet, where our team swims head-to-head against a single team in our league, invitational meets are meets where the Seals team has been invited to compete against a number of other teams. Invitational meets are competitive and fun. They are often an opportunity for a swimmer to improve their time in strokes they may not regularly swim at dual meets. Unlike dual meets, where a swimmer’s participation is expected unless she is “signed out,” Invitational meets require you to “sign up” your child. If you want your child to participate at invitational meet, you must sign up in advance for each event you would like your child to swim in and pay the required fees. There are two exceptions: the Seals Swim Club pays all swimmer fees for the League Championship Meet and County Invitational Meet (see below).

If your child is signed up for an invitational meet and does not attend, you are responsible for paying your fees. This rule also applies to the League Championship Meet and County Invitational Meet, when the Seals team normally pays the swimmers’ fees. The team will not pay fees for a no-show.

Fees vary by invitational and are set by the meet host. Fees can be as low as $2.00 per event but can go as high as $5.00 per event. There is also a one-time participating “splash” fee ranging from $4.00-$5.00. The Seals team pre-pays your fees when you sign up your swimmer. You will receive a bill for each invitational in your family folder. We ask that you promptly pay back these fees to the team.

Invitational Meet Policies:

Invitational meets can be broken down into two types: open invitational meets, which are open to all swimmers on the team, and limited invitational meets, which are limited to swimmers that meet certain eligibility requirements. Open Invitational meets are open to all Seal swimmers. They usually involve several teams and take place on Saturday and Sunday. Limited Invitational meets are limited to swimmers who meet certain qualifying standards set by the meet hosts and/or have a maximum number of swimmers who can participate. Our Coaches will determine which swimmers are qualified to enter. Once a swimmer is registered to swim in an Invitational meet, and the meet sheet has been submitted to the hosting team, Coaches cannot make changes to the swimmer’s entries.

Each family is required to work at any invitational meet their child attends, regardless of the swimmer’s age and the family’s work credit status.Work signup sheets are posted on the bulletin board at the Pinole Pool prior to the Invitational, or a schedule may be created bythe Invitational Work Coordinator. If you have a conflict, you may trade work assignments with another family, with their agreement. If you need assistance, contact the Invitational Work Coordinator, not the coaches. If you sign up your swimmer for an Invitational meet and your swimmer fails to swim in the meet, your family is still responsible for the cost of the swimmer’s entries, including the full cost of any relay event in which they have been entered.

League Championship Meet:

Our team participates in the Twin Counties Swim League Championship. This is the Seals’ most important meet of the season, because it determines our League ranking. During this event, our swimmers compete against all the teams in our league. All swimmers, regardless of their age or ability, are expected to participate in this League-wide meet. The team pays all entry fees for your swimmer. If you do not intend to attend League Meet, you must inform the head coach via e-mail two (2) weeks before the first day of League meet. If your child is a “no show” after entries are submitted, you are responsible for all your swimmer’s fees including any relay that may be scratched due to your swimmers absence.

County Invitational Meet:

This meet is limited to swimmers who attain a gold time in any individual event. Although County is open to any relay, coaches will not send a noncompetitive relay team. Approximately 10% of our swimmers qualify for this meet. Coaches will notify eligible swimmers. The team pays all entry fees for your swimmer.
If your child is a “no show” after you approve entry for the County Championship, you are responsible for all your swimmer’s fees including any relay that may be scratched due to your swimmers absence.

18. Swim Meets (When you are there)

Upon arrival at a dual meet, swimmers are to go directly to our team area at the pool, check in with the coaches, and be ready for warm-ups. Seals families should gather together in our designated team area. Check the posted meet sheets to find your child’s swim events. This information is only available at the meets. We are making efforts to release this information ahead of time, although it doesn’t always happen. If you are working at a meet, please check in with the Parent Work Coordinator, who will have the work assignment sheet. If you are not scheduled to work, but would like to earn credits, you can also check with the Parent Work Coordinator to see if there are any no-shows or if additional help is needed.

Order of Events:

Each event begins with the youngest swimmers (6 & under) and ends with the
oldest (15–18), with girls swimming before boys in each age group.

The order of events is as follows:

  • 1.Medley Relay (mr)
  • 2.Individual Medley (im)—All IMs are 100 yards, regardless of age.
    The individual swims four strokes (fly, bk, br, free) at 25 yards each.
  • 3.Freestyle (free)
  • 4.Breast Stroke (br)
  • 5.Butterfly (fly)
  • 6.Back Stroke (bk)
  • 7.Free Relay (fr)

The following charts indicate relay order and strokes:

Medley Relay

Age Distance
6 & under
Four individuals swim 25 yd of one stroke (BK, BR, FLY, FREE) for a total of 100 yd.
9–10, 11–12
13–14, 15–18
Four individuals swim 50 yd of one stroke (BK, BR, FLY, FREE) for a total of 200 yd.

Free Relay

Age Distance
6 & under 7–8 Four individuals swim freestyle stroke,
25yd each, for a total of 100yd.
9–10, 11-12, 13-14,
15-18 Girls
Four individuals swim freestyle stroke,
50yd each, for a total of 200yd.
15–18 Boys Four individuals swim freestyle stroke,
100yd each, for a total of 400yd.

Meet Sheets:

At a dual meet, meet sheets are posted by the coaches showing swimmers’ participation at the meet. At an invitational meet, the meet sheet is posted by the meet organizer at a central location. At an invitational, you may be required to initial the meet sheet to indicate that your child is present. The meet sheets at both dual meets and invitational meets list boys and girls events separately.

The following is an example of how events are listed on a meet sheet:

Seal, Susie 2/3
25yd Free 1/3 100yd Med Relay (2) 1/3
25yd Fly 1/5 100yd Free Relay (4) 2/5
25ydBack 2/5

This means that Susie is in two relay events and three individual events. For individual events, she is in heat 1/lane 3 for freestyle, heat 1/lane 5 for fly and heat 2/lane 5 for backstroke. For the medley relay, she will have to report to heat 1/lane 3 with the rest of her relay team. In the medley, she is the second swimmer “(2)”, or breaststroke. Her freestyle relay team is in heat 2/lane 5. She is the fourth swimmer in the free relay. Be sure to write down all event information, so your swimmer is prepared when it is time to swim.

If your child is a 6 & under or 7-8, please get him/her behind the block area prior to his/her heat. If you are working during the meet, introduce your child to the Shepherd before the meet starts so the Shepherd can direct your child behind the block at least two heats before he/she is scheduled to swim.

Relay Event Sheets:

Relay event sheets list the stroke (bk-3) or sequence of swimmer (1-3):

Girls 9-10 100Y Medley Relay
Susie BK-3 or 1-3
Carol BR-3 or 2-3
Maria FLY-3 or 3-3
Jane Free-3 or 4-3

This means Susie is swimming backstroke in lane 3 (bk-3), or is the first swimmer in lane 3 (1-3).

What to Bring to a Meet:

Team suit and swim cap

Goggles (an extra pair is recommended)

Towels (1 per event)

Sleeping bag

Sweatshirt and/or Parka, Warm clothes/warm slippers


Sandals/flip flops

Seals Handbook and pen/pencil for recording events & times

Money for snack bar and/or meet programs

Cooler with extra food and drinks** (no glass containers or alcohol)

Portable chairs**

Awning/Tent/Sun Umbrellas/Tarp**

Quiet games and/or reading materials**

Sanitary supplies (not all locker rooms have vending machines)

What Not to Bring to a Meet:



Roller skates


Pets or Animals of any kind

**Useful at all-day meets.

Ribbons & Trophies:

Ribbons are awarded for participating in all dual meets, home and away. Ribbons are distributed based on the following criteria:

Individual Events
12 and Under
1st, 2nd, and 3rd ribbons are awarded.

12 & Under

Every swimmer on a relay team that places 1st or 2nd in scoring lanes will receive a ribbon.
Participation Ribbons All swimmers (8 & under) who do not place will receive a participation ribbon.

Ribbons for all home and away meets are distributed via the family folders found on the pool deck. It can take up to a week to receive ribbons. Please contact the Ribbon Box Coordinator directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Meet Jobs (for parents to earn work credits):

Each of the following meet jobs is worth one credit. All meet work signups are done online or through the Parent Work Coordinator.

Announcer (Home Meets Only): Set up sound system before swim meet. Announce events for all age groups and make special announcements as needed.

Starter (Home Meets Only): Arrive at least 30 minutes early to set up electronic start/timing system. Verifies and maintains accuracy of meet events. Special training required.

Lane Timer: Stops watch or hits plunger when swimmer completes race and reports swimmer’s time to recorder.

Timer/Recorder: Hits plunger and records swimmers’ information for computer desk.

Lane Runner (Home Meets Only): Brings timesheets from recorders and disqualification slips from the stroke & turn judges to the computer desk.

Set up Assistant (Home Meets Only): Arrive approximately 1¾ hours before meet start time to install lane lines, starting blocks, starter system, scorer’s desk, timer/recorder chairs, awnings, and other equipment necessary to run the meet.

Clean up Assistant (Home Meets Only): Put away equipment and ensure pool deck is clean after the meet.

Snack Bar (Home Meets Only): You may work up to three non-overlapping shifts per meet:
Shift #1: Arrive 30–45 minutes before the meet starts to help set up snack bar, and sell food items; Shift #2: Sell food items, and clean up snack bar at the end of the meet.

Stroke & Turn Judge: Impartially observes heat to ensure swimmers conform to official swim regulations. Special training required and available.

Shepherd: Using the meet sheet as your guide, direct 8 & Under swimmers to the blocks at least 2 heats before their events. When parents are timing or working other volunteer positions it can be difficult for them to get their children to their events on time.

Stroke & Turn Rule Summary

The following is a brief guideline to help swimmers and their families understand how strokes and turns are judged during a swim meet. These brief guidelines are provided for general understanding and informational purposes only.

The following rules apply to all strokes, including Freestyle:

The swimmer must touch the end of the pool.

The swimmer must not pull on the side of the pool or on the lane lines.

The swimmer must not push off the bottom.

The swimmer must start and finish the race in their assigned lane.

Except for freestyle, the swimmer must swim the designated stroke throughout the race.


The swimmer shall line up in the water facing the starting end, with both hands placed on the gutter or the starting grips. The swimmer’s feet, including the toes, shall be placed under the surface of the water.

Upon completion of each length, some part of the swimmer must touch the wall. During the turn, the shoulders may turn past vertical toward the breast. If the swimmer turns past vertical, such motion must be part of a continuous turning action and the swimmer must return to a position on the back before the feet leave the wall.

The swimmer shall have finished the race when any part of his person touches the wall at the end of the course.


The scissors, flutter, or breaststroke (“frog”) kick is not permitted. All up and down movements of the legs must be simultaneous.

Both arms must be brought forward over the water and pulled back simultaneously.

Swimmers must use a two-hand touch upon completion of each length and at the finish of the race.


Only one pull down and one kick are permitted prior to the swimmer’s head breaking the surface of the water on start or turn.

Swimmer must use a two-hand touch upon completion of each length and at the finish of the race.

Swimmer may not use a scissors kick, or flutter kick at any point.

19. Fundraising, Social Events, Awards


This is our main fundraiser for the swim season. Each family is required to participate and raise $150 in sponsorships for the swim-a-thon. Even if your swimmer is not there on the day of the event, each family is still required to raise the required amount.

Age Group Parties:

Age group parties are off-site activities. They provide an opportunity for each age group to spend time with their peers and coaches away from the pool. Activities are organized by parent volunteers and are usually fee-based.

Date Night:

This annual team dinner-dance-party is open to all Pinole Seals swimmers. The event pairs older swimmers with younger swimmers and is a chance for swimmers to mingle and build camaraderie amongst one another. (Date groups coordinate who brings food, drinks, and dessert and table settings.) Other activities at Date Night include costume contests, voting on next year’s theme, Date Night photos and dancing. Be sure to check the bulletin board and your family folder for signup sheets and more information.

Theme for 2019 is HALLOWEEN! You can sign up via the website under events.

Date night is for Pinole Seals swimmers only. Attendance by kids who are not on the team may cause insurance and liability issues.

Spirit Week:

The week preceding League Meet is designated “Spirit Week.” It is a time to have fun and build team spirit as we prepare for the most important meet of the season. Each day of practice will have a theme and there will be a breakfast potluck for each age group and the coaches throughout the week.

Spaghetti Dinner:

Our spaghetti dinner is held the Friday night before League Meet at the Pinole Pool. Pasta and salad are provided, and everyone donates desserts to share. This event also functions as a small fundraiser for the team.

Pool Party:

Bring your favorite “take out” and swimsuit to our evening swim party at the Pinole Pool. This year’s end of the season pool party takes place on the Sunday evening, the day after the League Championship Meet.

Awards Ceremony:

Our annual awards ceremony is a chance to get together during the off-season and celebrate the team’s success. Every swimmer is awarded a team medal. For each age group, awards are presented for “Most Improved,” “Most Valuable,” and “Coaches Award.”

  • Swimmers achieving Medal Time in all five individual events will receive a certificate honoring their accomplishments.
  • Plaques will be awarded to swimmers achieving Gold Time in all five individual events.
  • Rosette ribbons are awarded to any swimmer, in an individual event or relay, who breaks a team or pool record.
  • An Honor Time t-shirt is earned by any swimmer that achieves an “Honor Time” during the season in an individual event or on a relay team.
  • The No Breather t-shirt is given to any “6 & under” swimmer who swims 25 yards, during a meet or practice, without taking a breath. A coach must submit the swimmer’s information to the Purchasing Coordinator for a swimmer to receive a t-shirt.
  • Seilheimer & Siegel Awards—these special awards are presented each year to the young man and woman who best exemplify the ideals of competitive swimming and the characteristics of a true champion. These awards are intended to pay tribute to two young athletes who stand out above the rest by virtue of their attitude, team spirit, and dedication to their sport, and who provide encouragement, inspiration and guidance to others. TheSeilheimer Award was instituted in 1971 in memory of Bruce Seilheimer and is awarded to the most inspirational female swimmer. The Siegel Award was instituted in 1976 in memory of Marilyn Siegel and is awarded to the most inspirational male swimmer.
  • Joann Newell Youth Service Award**—this award is presented to a youth (not necessarily a swimmer) who gave exceptional time and energy to the team.
  • Sandy Klobas Parent Award**—this award is presented to the parent who gave exceptional time and energy to the team during the season.

**The Board of Directors accepts nominations for these awards at the end of the season. They are voted on by the Board during the September meeting.

2019 Pinole Seals Award Times*

Girls Boys
Bronze Silver Honor Gold 4 & Under
25 yards
Bronze Silver Honor Gold
60.00 50.00 40.00 30.00 Free 60.00 50.00 40.00 30.00
62.00 52.00 42.00 32.00 Back 62.00 52.00 42.00 32.00
Bronze Silver Honor Gold 6 & Under
25 yards
Bronze Silver Honor Gold
2:20.00 2:06.00 2:00.08 1:54.17 Med Relay 2:20.00 2:06.00 2:00.46 1:54.92
2:50.00 2:35.00 2:15.00 2:05.00 IM 2:50.00 2:35.00 2:15.00 2:05.00
30.00 27.80 24.34 20.88 Free 30.00 28.60 24.75 20.89
40.00 37.00 33.73 30.47 Breast 40.00 37.10 33.76 30.42
39.00 35.30 30.50 25.70 Fly 39.00 34.80 30.82 26.84
38.00 34.80 30.37 25.95 Back 38.00 35.20 30.88 26.56
2:00.00 1:48.00 1:42.95 1:37.90 Free Relay 2:00.00 1:48.00 1:43.25 1:38.49
Bronze Silver Honor Gold 7–8
25 yards
Bronze Silver Honor Gold
1:40.00 1:32.00 1:28.03 1:24.07 Med Relay 1:40.00 1:31.00 1:27.89 1:24.79
2:02.00 1:58.50 1:49.51 1:40.53 IM 2:00.00 1:55.10 1:47.89 1:40.68
22.50 20.10 18.39 16.67 Free 21.00 19.90 18.16 16.42
29.00 27.25 23.30 22.61 Breast 29.00 27.60 25.21 22.82
26.00 24.70 21.44 18.18 Fly 26.00 24.70 21.64 18.58
27.50 25.50 23.09 20.69 Back 27.00 26.00 23.33 20.65
1:24.00 1.18.00 1:15.37 1:12.74 Free Relay 1:22.00 1:16.00 1:13.75 1:11.50
Bronze Silver Honor Gold 9–10
50 yards
Bronze Silver Honor Gold
3:00.00 2:49.00 2:42.27 2:35.54 Med Relay 3:00.00 2:48.00 2:42.48 2:36.95
1:42.00 1:39.25 1:31.52 1:23.80 IM 1:40 00 1:37.00 1:30.79 1:24.57
41.00 38.50 35.19 31.88 Free 40.50 37.60 34.60 31.60
52.00 50.30 46.20 42.11 Breast 52.00 50.50 46.56 42.62
49.00 47.00 41.65 36.60 Fly 49.00 46.80 41.94 37.08
52.00 48.50 43.41 38.33 Back 52.00 47.50 43.02 38.53
2:42.00 2:28.00 2:21.01 2:14.02 Free Relay 2:40.00 2:26.00 2:20.36 2:14.71
Girls Boys
Bronze Silver Honor Gold 11–12
50 yards
Bronze Silver Honor Gold
2:52.00 2:37.00 2:27.20 2:17.41 Med Relay 2:50.00 2:35.00 2:26.89 2:18.77
1:3100 1:25.30 1:20.32 1:15.34 IM 1:30.00 1:25.20 1:20.27 1:15.33
36.00 33.10 30.92 28.75 Free 35.00 32.70 30.73 28.75
46.00 44.00 40.95 37.91 Breast 46.00 43.60 40.52 37.45
43.00 39.20 35.61 32.03 Fly 43.00 39.10 35.83 32.56
45.00 41.50 37.81 34.13 Back 45.00 41.00 37.91 34.82
2:26.00 2:16.00 2:08.47 2:00.94 Free Relay 2:22.00 2:12.00 2:07.93 2:01.86
Bronze Silver Honor Gold 13–14
50 yards
Bronze Silver Honor Gold
2:36.00 2:24.00 2:16.46 2:08.92 Med Relay 2:34.00 2:18.00 2:11.02 2:04.04
1:25.00 1:18.35 1:15.11 1:11.87 IM 1:20.00 1:12.90 1:10.32 1:07.73
33.00 30.60 29.19 27.78 Free 31.00 28.10 26.99 25.88
43.00 40.60 38.41 36.23 Breast 40.00 37.75 35.62 33.49
39.00 34.80 32.59 30.38 Fly 37.00 32.40 30.70 28.99
42.00 37.30 34.94 32.57 Back 40.00 35.30 33.50 31.69
2:14.00 2:09.00 2:04.21 1:59.43 Free Relay 2:04.00 1:58.50 1:53.96 1:49.42
Bronze Silver Honor Gold 15–18
100 yards
Bronze Silver Honor Gold
2:30.00 2:20.00 2:16.58 2:07.17 Med Relay 2:05.00 2:00.00 1:58.30 1:56.60
1:24.00 1:14.75 1:12.08 1:09.42 IM 1:15.00 1.04.90 1:03.32 1:01.74
1:10.00 1:04.65 1:02.05 59.44 Free 1.04.00 56.20 54.64 53.07
1:30.00 1:25.00 1:21.49 1:17.98 Breast 1:19.00 1:13.60 1:11.54 1:09.48
1:22.00 1:15.00 1:11.70 1:08.40 Fly 1:15.00 1:04.90 1:03.03 1:01.15
1:23.00 1:16.60 1:13.37 1:10.14 Back 1:15.00 1:09.00 1:06.58 1:04.16
2:12.00 2:08.00 2:02.07 1:56.14 Free Relay
400 4:08.00 3:59.00 3:52.50 3:46.00

* Note that the award times shown here are distinct from League and County qualifying times. The award times listed here are used by the Pinole Seals for recognition of achievement. Qualifying times are the prerequisite times that a swimmer must achieve to compete in a particular stroke at certain meets. Nevertheless, there is overlap. Any swimmer that achieves a “Gold” award time (except the 4&U “Gold”) qualifies to participate in that stroke at the County Invitational. For County qualification of relays: the relay team must have a qualifying entry time achieved in a meet.

2019 Calendar at a Glance

MON Apr 8 5:00 PM Spring Evening Practice Session Begins (M–F 6pm–9:00pm)
TUE Apr 23 4:00-9:00 PM Habit Burger Fundraiser
MON May 6 6:00 PM First team suit fitting on deck
SAT May 18 7:45 AM Time trials and ice cream social
SUN May 19 10:30 AM-10:00 PM MOD Pizza Fundraiser
MON May 27 Memorial Day – No practice
SAT Jun 1/SUN Jun 2 7:45 AM Away • AHI Invitational
MON Jun 3 6:00-7:30 PM Team Meeting @ Mountain Mike’s
SAT Jun 8 7:45 AM Home • Hercules
SAT Jun 8 TBD Tye Dye Party
MON Jun 10 6:00 AM Morning summer practice starts (M–F 6am–11:00am)
WED Jun 12 4:45 PM Home • Brentwood
SAT Jun 15 7:45 AM Away • Martinez
TUE Jun 18 5:00-9:00 PM Chipotle Fundraiser
WED Jun 19 4:45 PM Away • Crockett
FRI Jun 21 TBD Individual Picture Day
SAT Jun 22/SUN Jun 23 7:30 AM Away • Battle of the Ages
WED Jun 26 4:45 PM Home • Blue vs. Gold • Fun Meet
SAT Jun 29 7:45 AM Home • AHI
SAT Jun 29 6:00-9:00 PM Date Night
THU Jul 4 No Practice
TUE Jul 9 4:00-9:00 PM Habit Burger Fundraiser
WED Jul 10 4:45 PM Home • Vista Diable
FRI Jul 12 TBD Team Pictures – No practice
SAT Jul 13/SUN Jul 14 7:45 AM ECI (East County Invitational)
WED Jul 17 4:45 PM Away • BEST
SAT Jul 20 7:45 AM Away • Benicia
TUE Jul 23 12:30-9:30 PM Cookie Dough Parlor Fundraiser
WED Jul 24 4:45 PM Away • ADS
FRI Jul 26 6:00 PM Spaghetti Feed
SAT Jul 27 7:45 AM League (American Canyon Pool)
SUN Jul 28 4:30 PM After League Pool Party
MON Jul 29 No Practice
TUE Jul 30-THU Aug 1 8:00 AM County Practice
FRI Aug 2 4:00-7:00PM No practice, County Relay Trials
SAT Aug 3/SUN Aug 4 7:30 AM County Meet

2019 Contact Information

Pinole Seals Swim Club

P.O. Box 516
Pinole, ca 94564
(510) 758-7566


Pinole Swim Center
2554 Simas Ave.
Pinole, CA. 94564


Position Name Email
Head Coach Kyle Berry headcoach@pinoleseals.org
Assistant Head Coach Tim Nuss
Assistant Coach Alyssa Ramirez
Assistant Coach Michael Ramirez
Assistant Coach Jeff Dybdal (spring only)
Assistant Coach Elise Ziem (summer only)

Board of Directors

Position Name Phone Email
Co-President Maureen Banuelos 334-7306 president@pinoleseals.org
Co-President Heidi Vasarhely 691-3171 heidieimers@yahoo.com
Vice President Phil Malgren 816-2725 collision-craft@sbcglobal.net
Treasurer Brandi Alfonso 289-2276 mrsbefonz@gmail.com
Secretary Dani Lewis 415-302-3512 dani_lewis@yahoo.com
Board Members Paul Driver 224-6067 prdriver68@gmail.com
Darryl Ng 501-5992 Duckfish5@hotmail.com
Lynn Phan 408-318-4328 lynnphan@gmail.com
Kristy Ramirez 685-4765 fxdx2005@att.net
Monica Torrez 375-2142 mferreria1575@gmail.com
Brett Whitmarsh 332-9237 brettwhitmarsh@hotmail.com


Position Credits Name Phone Email
Announcer 1* Nicole Martin 916-517-6082 nicolemariemartin@att.net
Set Up Coordinator 8 Phil Malgren 812-2725 collision-craft@sbcglobal.net
Clean-Up Coordinator 8 Mike Meeker 415-726-2248 mmeeker812@gmail.com
Head Computer Team 8 Michael Stokowski 412-0639 michael.stokowski@gmail.com
Computer Team 2 1* Ryan Grisso 604-1109 ryangrisso@msn.com
Computer Team 3 1* Brandi Alfonso 289-2276 mrsbefonz@gmail.com
Computer Team 4 1* Kelly Riley-Mendoza krileymendoza@bmrn.com
Handbook Editor 4 Brett Whitmarsh 332-9237 brettwhitmarsh@hotmail.com
Head Starter 1* Mark Shalz 245-3949 markandmarie@msn.com
Head Stroke & Turn Judge 1* Marina Rossi 815-2993 moleerossi@gmail.com
Head Timer 1* Open
Invitational Work Coordinator 4 Board Members
League Advertising 4 Jennifer Bayse
Paul Driver
League Representative

4 Jennifer Bayse
Paul Driver
Parent Work Coordinator 8


Kelly Short

Allison Beavers



Purchasing 8 Eloisa Pantazis 243-0337 eloisapantazis@comcast.net
Head Referee 1* Marina Rossi 851-2993 moleerossi@gmail.com
Registration Coordinator 8 Rochelle Muffett 734-6354 rmuffett6670@gmail.com
Ribbon Box Coordinator 8 Open
Snack Bar Coordinator 8 Jacki Rudis

Carrie Collins





Social Director 8 Open
Web Master 8 Rochelle Muffett 734-6354 rmuffett6670@gmail.com
Fundraising & Sponsorship 4 Lynn Phan 408-318-4328 lynnphan@gmail.com

* Per meet



American Canyon

3000 Newell Drive.

American Canyon, CA 94503

(707) 265-2710

Antioch **

Buchanan Pool

4150 Harbor Street

Pittsburg, CA

(925) 439-2181


Diamond Hills Sports Club

1510 Neroly Rd.

Oakley, CA 94561

(925) 420-4575


James Lemos Swim Center

181 East J. Street

Benicia, CA 94510

(707) 746-4286


101 Rolph Park Dr.

Crockett, CA 94525

(510) 787-2567

Gehringer Park

1790 Lynwood Dr.

Concord, CA 94519


2001 Refugio Valley Rd.

Hercules, CA 94547

Invitational Meets

County Invitational

Acalanes High School
1200 Pleasant Hill Rd, Lafayette, ca
(925) 280-3970

East County Invitational (ECI)**

Freedom High School

1050 Neroly Road

Oakley, CA 94561

(925) 625-5900

League Championship **

Same Location as the American Canyon Swim meet

Scottsdale Invitational **

Northgate High School

425 Castle Rock Road

Walnut Creek, CA 94598


**New Pool Locations

Pinole Seals Swim Team

Code of Conduct

We (parents, coaches, swimmers, and fans alike) represent the Pinole Seals Swim Team when our team practices and competes. The actions of one of us affect the image of all of us. This Code of Conduct encourages us to work together to practice/compete with good sportsmanship and to treat all swimmers, coaches, referees, and parents with respect.

I therefore agree to:

1. Treat Officials/Coaches/Opposing Teams with Respect

I will respect the officials/coaches and their authority during practices and swim meets and will never question, discuss or confront officials/coaches at the meet. I will take time to speak with coaches at an agreed upon time and place.

I will win or lose with class. I will never yell or criticize any member of the opposing team, their coaches, officials, parents or guests.

2. Treat Swimmers with Respect

I (and my guests) will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct toward any other swimmer such as booing, taunting, or using profane language or gestures.

3. Treat Your Child with Respect

I will remember that my child participates to have fun and that the meet is for swimmers, not adults. I will never ridicule my child for making mistakes. I will praise my child for competing fairly and trying hard. I (and my guests) will be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy and by demonstrating positive support.

I also agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be subject to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited to the following:

- Verbal warning by official, head coach, and /or head of league organization

- Meet suspension with written documentation of incident kept on file

- Written warning

- Season suspension (expulsion from all team events including practices)


Family: ___________________________________(family name) Date: _________________

I ___________________________; __________________________ (parent(s)/ guardian signature)

And my children (swimmers) ____________________________, ____________________________,

____________________________, ____________________________, ____________________________

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