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    Set up and Clean up for League meet this Saturday.

    We are in need of 1 volunteer to help with set up Friday afternoon, and 3 volunteers to help clean up after the meet,  Each job is worth one work credit.  Please get in touch with me if you want to help with this job.  

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    important info

    Hi All, Wednesday our meet will start on at 530, so please plan to arrive at 415 for warmups at 430. 

    Tomorrow is the 9/10 age group breakfast, Please bring the breakfast items to share with coaches by 930.  For the Spirit day, its is floaty day. 

    Also please remember…

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    Weekly announcements!

    Hi Team! I have a few important announcements for this week and next!

    Monday marks our first day of spirit week! Show your team spirit by participating each day!

    Monday – Jammies on deck

    Tuesday – Face, arm Floaty day

    Wednesday – Animal day

    Thursday – Super hero day!


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    50 year Anniversary Shirts and Hoodies

    HI everyone!

     Due to a delay in getting permission to use our new logo on the Shirts we are just now able to order our 50 year Anniversary shirts!  I have put them up on the website to be ordered, Just Shirts and Hoodies.  It is only shown on the…

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    We have 5 hours left to sign your swimmer in or out of league. Its a steadfast deadline. 

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    No Hospitality tent this weekend

    Hi everyone!  We were unable to make arrangements to get the canopy's and tables to and from ECI this weekend.  If you have already prepared your food item We apologize, and you are more than welcome to bring to share still, however we will not have a spot to set…

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    ECI this weekend

    Hi all!  I know I have sent a lot of emails the last couple days, but I just wanted to make sure that all the information is out there for new families especially.  

    *First, we are still in need of someone to bring the canopies and the tables out to…

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    In case you couldn't open the other flyers

    Hope you can open these better! 

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    League meet is open

    League meet is open under schedule. Select your swimmers availability.

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    Very Important Messages Please read it to the end!

    *First remember tomorrow is Team picture day, please arrive by 830 so we can get the swimmers lined up.  Please wear your team suit, if you don't have a team suit something dark that doesn't stand out in the picture. 

    * attached is the ECI map that lays out our…

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