Season Long Volunteer Roles

    Dear Seals Families,

    For the 2023 Season we are looking for the following volunteer positions. All of these positions qualify for your full work credit commitment for the season (with the exception of time trials and the league meet), unless specified otherwise. If you are interested please reply to this email with your position interest.

    Data Team help - help running the computer at home meets as well as setting up away meets from home. No experience required, we will teach you . Being tech savvy is a bonus though!

    Ribbon Coordinator - This person inventories & orders ribbons. You will also get the ribbons out for each home meet for the ribbon writers and help coordinate bringing ribbons back from away meets. It is your job to file all the ribbons in the family folders. You will also set up the family folders at the beginning of the season. This person needs to be at all or almost all swim meets.

    Meet set up coordinator- Arrive early to ALL home meets to set up. It's important that you're familiar with the set-up and direct volunteers who signed up in what to do. No experience required, we have a checklist of tasks that need to be completed.

    Meet Clean up coordinator - Stay after ALL home meets to make sure everything is cleaned up. Direct the clean up crew to make sure everything is checked off the clean-up list. You will be the last to leave, ensuring the place is back to how it was before we started. No experience required, we have a checklist of task that need to be completed.

    Social Event Coordinator- This person is basically our “party planner.” You would coordinate and make sure we have everything we need for each event. Some of these events include, summer swim party, tie-dye party, help with swimathon activities, age group parties, coaches dinner, date night, awards night. Not all duties need to be performed by the social coordinator, other parents can be assigned jobs and credits given accordingly. Full position description available upon request.

    Parent Work Coordinator - ensures all jobs are filled for meet volunteer positions & finds someone to fill vacant spots on the day of. This person would need to be at all meets or be able to designate someone to fill in for them if they can not attend. Volunteer hours are tracked in swimtopia. The work coordinator would make sure each person is in swimtopia to receive their credit.

    These are also very important positions we need committed volunteers for throughout the season. Each occurrence gives you 1 credit per meet.

    Starter - Arrive at least 30 minutes before meet to set up Timing and starting system

    Call the start for all boys and girls events with proper heat number, including relays, which includes ensuring all swimmers are holding a steady position at the start, also you must judge legal starts, on all individual events, and call legal take-offs on all relay events. If there is an infraction you must fill out proper disqualification form, then concur with the Head Ref for the DQ

    Announcer - Arrive 30 minutes before the meet. Work closely with the head starter. Welcome the other team, announce races & upcoming heats/races, acknowledge sponsors, keep an eye on the pool and assist lifeguards with announcements. Assist with set up and take down of microphone, tripods

    Please reply to me if you are interested in one of these positions so we can get you officially signed up and start training. 

    Go Seals! 


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