Registration update

    Hi Seals Families-

    As the registration coordinator, I wanted to update the team that this year we have the largest team we have had in a very long time! Many new families have joined us (welcome!) and we also have many seasoned seals returning. Thank you, Seals community, for your part in helping to build and strengthen our team.

    Since we have very full practice groups, and the summer season is already underway, the board decided to close registration to additional swimmers that are not already registered for the team. This way the team can focus on building up the amazing team we have compiled for this year.

    I'm sending this to the entire team because I have received inquiries from many of you who may know other folks interested. Please have them keep our team in mind for next year! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me at pinoleseals.register@gmail.com. 

    Go Seals!


    Registration Coordinator

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