Swim a thon is coming up!

    Hi Seals families-

    Swim a thon is exactly two weeks away! We wanted to share a few details about the event. 

    When? Swim a thon will take place during practice on Tuesday, June 28th

    What? Swimmers will challenge themselves to see how many laps they can swim during their practice. Swimmers will get beads for the number of laps they complete, along with a snack/treat for their efforts. In the older groups, prizes will be awarded for most laps and runner up, and the younger kids will be rewarded with some fun activities at the end. The family who raises the most money and the kid who gets the most sponsors will also get a prize.

    How do I raise the money?  You will receive an email from 99pledges that includes a link that can be sent to friends, family, and coworkers to pledge your kid. They can pledge a flat amount or per lap. If you do not receive an email in the next two days, please email me at pinoleseals.register@gmail.com It's possible it may go to spam or that there were other technical problems.

    Does the $150 fundraising obligation apply per child or per family? This is a per family obligation, regardless of the number of children on the team.

    My kid is still learning how to swim. Can they participate? Yes, with jr coach support and/or with the help of a kickboard, all kids can participate. We will make efforts to make it a fun day for the kids.

    How can I help? It always takes a team effort for the Swim a Thon to take place. For the evening practices, please pitch in when you kid is swimming and help count laps. We will also send further communication calling for a volunteer from each practice group to bring a snack for the group. If you are interested in doing so you can also email me at pinoleseals.register@gmail.com and let me know your child's practice group. We'd need you to bring a snack for 30 kids and plan to offer one work credit for this.

    Why?? Don't we have enough activities already?! Yes, we have a full summer! But, this is our biggest fundraiser of the year this year. We are making efforts to make it fun and rewarding for the kids. If you have ideas for other fundraisers as we look ahead (and are willing to put in the time to make them happen) please don't hesitate to share your ideas with the board. Or, if you have any connections for sponsors that may provide prizes, please let me know.

    If there are questions I forgot to address, you can email me at pinoleseals.register@gmail.com

    Go SEALS!! Can't wait to see what the kids can accomplish on 6/28!!


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