Practice times for summer season

    Hi Seals-

    We wanted to remind you that next week will be the start of the summer practice times. The summer season runs from Monday, June 13th through Friday July 22nd. As we did last year, the summer practice times are split with the 11 and up swimming in the morning, and 10 and under swimming in the evening. Unless a different time for your particular swimmer is communicated, here are the practice groups:


    13-18 AGE GROUP - 5:45 AM -8 AM

    11-12 AGE GROUP - 7:45 AM - 9 AM


    *8 & Under Blue Group (ages 5-8) 6:00pm - 6:30pm
    *8 & Under Gold Group (ages 5-8) 6:30 PM -7:15 PM

    9-10 AGE GROUP - 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM

    Swimmers ages 5-8 will either practice with the 8U Blue Group or the 8U Gold Group based on their skill level, with placement determined by the coaches. For new 5-8 year swimmers joining the team at the start of summer, please come to the 6 pm practice. 5-8 year old swimmers continuing from Spring, please continue with your current practice group, unless you receive communication otherwise. All other new swimmers should first attend the practice group with the corresponding age of your swimmer, and coaches can make adjustments if needed during the first week of practice.

    Seal pups (younger siblings of Seals ages 3 and 4) will receive separate communications regarding practice times.

    Adjustments to practice groups may be made at the coaches discretion.

    Should you have any questions about the practice time for your child, please email me at pinoleseals.register@gmail.com


    Registration Coordinator

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