Update on Fall

    Hi Seals Families-

    Thank you for your patience as we evaluated whether we could run a Fall program this year. Unfortunately, we did not allow sufficient time for the City of Pinole to go through their review and evaluation and approval process, and we will not be able to run a Fall swim clinic program this year without agreement from the city. I share disappointment with many of you, but the city process is out of our hands.

    The good news is that there was considerable support from our team, which makes many of us hopeful we may be able to run a Fall program next year with more advanced planning. We had interest from over 40 swimmers to swim, interest from coaches to coach, and support from the Seals board. What we lacked was time to go through the city process.

    Thanks for the enthusiasm so many of you shared for swimming in fall and my hope is that will be factored into our planning for next year.

    Go seals!


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