Seals Summer session 2020 info letter

    Seals Summer Session 2020

    Hello Seals Families,

    The Seals Swim Club is happy to announce that we have put together a four-week Summer Session for July 2020. We are excited to get your swimmers back in the pool!

    Two coaches and one lifeguard will be present at every session to keep things clean and safe, ensuring that all social distancing guidelines are being followed. Our first priority is to keep your kids safe!

    Summer Session is only open to independent swimmers. All swimmers must have previous swimming experience and be familiar with all four strokes. For Summer Session purposes, "independent swimming" means that the child must be able to tread water for one minute and swim two lengths of the pool without requiring assistance. Due to social distancing guidelines, we are not able to offer spaces to anyone who is under 7 years of age. Registration is subject to approval based on swimming ability.

    Summer Session Dates: Monday-Friday, July 6th-July 31st

    Summer Session Price: $300 per swimmer

    Registration Details:

    • Registration will open in the next couple of days. We will send an email and Remind text as soon as it opens. Registration will be limited to the first 48 swimmers that sign up and are approved by a Coach. Additional swimmers will be added to a waitlist.
    • Due to the limited size of this Summer Session we are not able to offer any multi-swimmer family discounts.
    • There are no fundraising/ work assignment requirements/ deposits for Summer Session.
    • Refunds will not be given.

    Practice Group times and age spans:

    Group 1: 7-8am, ages 13-18

    Group 2: 8:15-9:15am, ages 11-14

    Group 3: 9:30-10:30am, ages 9-12

    Group 4: 10:45-11:40am, ages 7-10

    • Swimmers will be divided by coaches into 4 groups/times based on age/ability.
    • We will let you know your child’s group time on or before Sunday, July 5th.
    • If we are not able to fill enough spots in each group, we will have to cancel that group.

    Safety Considerations:

    • The schedule has been designed to allow time for cleaning in between each group of swimmers.
    • Each group will have no more than 12 swimmers (2 per lane, starting at opposite ends of the pool). Each group of 12 swimmers will be instructed (from the deck) by the coaches.
    • Swimmers may not transfer between groups once a session has started and we are not able to offer make-ups for any missed sessions.
    • Swimmers must arrive 10 minutes prior to the time their group is scheduled to swim. Coaches will be checking swimmers in and performing pre-swim temperature checks prior to entering the pool area (Due to required COVID-19 Screening measures and adherence to Social Distancing Guidelines, we are not able to accommodate late arrivals.)
    • After a temperature check, swimmers will be escorted into the pool by a coach.
    • No parents, siblings or visitors will be allowed to attend or watch swim sessions.
    • Parents should arrive 5 minutes prior to the end of camp and meet their child outside the gate for pick-up.

    General Summer Session Guidelines:

    • Coaches will wear a facial covering while on deck. Coaches will NOT be getting in the pool. All instruction will take place from the deck.
    • Swimmers must wear facial coverings while in-line and on deck.
    • No facial coverings will be worn in the pool.
    • Swimmers should arrive in their suits/caps ready to swim. Changing rooms/ showers will not be available during Summer Session. Swimmers should bring and manage their own personal equipment, including goggles, caps, towels etc.
      • Each swimmer will be assigned a chair to place their belongings on.
    • Kickboards will be provided for swimmers and sanitized in between use. If you would prefer to bring your own, please do.
    • Swimmers should bring their own water containers. The water fountain will be off limits.
    • No food or drink (except a personal water container) will be allowed in the pool area during Summer Session.
    • The family bathroom will be available, if needed. Cleaning will occur after each group.
    • The baby pool area will be off limits during camp.
    • Benches, deck chairs and tables will not be used during Summer Session.
    • There will be no physical contact between swimmers and coaches or between swimmers. Swimmers will start at different ends of the pool and only pass each other when swimming by each other.
    • No touching, splashing, spitting or horseplay will be allowed. Swimmers must also stay off the lane ropes and not interact with other lanes. Swimmers will be reminded of these rules and given a warning. If a swimmer is not able to follow these rules they will be asked to sit out for the rest of the day and parents will be notified.
    • Swimmers will not be able to remain on the pool deck after their group has finished. Swimmers will collect their personal belongings and be escorted out the gate. Please plan to arrive for pick-up at least 5 minutes before the end of your group's time.

    Daily Health Screening:

    • All Summer Session Staff will be screened for illness/symptoms and have their temperature checked daily.
    • We require parents to screen their children for illness/ symptoms at home, prior to arriving for Summer Session each day. If you answer "yes" to any of the questions below, please keep your swimmer home until they are symptom free, without the use of symptom-altering medicines, for 24 hours.
      • Daily Self-Assessment:

    Do you currently have, or have you had any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours?

    • Fever (Temp >100 F)
    • Shortness of Breath
    • Cough
    • Chills
    • Muscle Pain
    • Headache
    • Sore Throat
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • New loss of smell or taste
    • Parents who will be dropping their kids off at Summer Session should wait to leave until their swimmer completes the temperature check and has entered the pool. If a swimmer has a fever, his/her temperature will be rechecked after 2 minutes. If the swimmer still has a fever, he/she will be sent home with a parent for the day and not allowed to return until they are fever-free, without the use of fever-reducing medicines, for 24 hours.
    • If a swimmer or coach is sent home or absent due to illness, he/she will be required to obtain a doctor’s clearance prior to returning to swim activities.
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