Practice Starts Monday

    Hello and welcome back to another great season!  

    The pool opened this weekend for recreational swimming,  we had some evaluations and some training for our junior coaches.  This will be the last email sent to the team members from 2018,  If you are not registered for the new season, you may miss out on the upcoming and important information.  

    First things first, I'm sure some of you are wondering if we even have a coach with the departure of Deanna  at the end of last season.  The board confirmed that our Coaches for the season will be...

    Kyle Berry, Tim Nuss, Alyssa Ramirez, Jeff Dybdal (spring only), Michael Ramirez and the possible return of Elise Ziem this summer upon returning from college.

    Coach Jonathon will not be returning this summer.  We wish him well on his new internship.  

    **We also have a lot of Jr. Coaches on Staff, 

    Bella Rossi, Gino Rossi, Mikayla Rudis, Kayla Collins, Alex Ziem, Adryanna Mora, Alina Whitmarsh, Elisa Whitmarsh, Lala Basso, Millie Hancock, Gibson Meeker, Jisela Banuelos, Cheyenne Muffett and Caleb Wilson and Julia Malgren.

    **We are in need of coordinators to work a few jobs during the summer, If you are at all interested in any of the following coordinator positions please contact the co-presidents Heidi Vasarheley, or Maureen Banuelos @ president@pinoleseals.org

    1. Set up Coordinator 

    2. League advertising/Rep.

    3. Date night coordinator

    4. Ribbon box coordinator

    5. Parent work coordinator ( we need to parents to do this job)

    *For parents interested in Stroke and Turn. there will be a meeting with the league on May 4th, at 10 a.m. at the Hercules Pool.  

    Practice times are as follows for Monday - 

    6 - 630 -  6 and unders and the 7/8 age group

    630-7 -    9/10 age group

    7-745 -   11/12 age group

    745-9  - 13-18 age groups

    *This season we are working on Jr. Coach recognition awards.  Please take a moment during the week to stop in and vote for the Jr. Coach that you feel is doing an outstanding job. Look for the voting box in the office coming soon.  

    ***Mark your calendars now for a few important and new events. ***

    Suit fitting - 5/6/16

    Tye dye Party - 6/8/19

    Swim a thon- 6/25/2019 (we have Disneyland tickets as a prize, Details on how to win to follow)

    Blue VS. Gold fun meet - 6/26/19

    Date night - Saturday 6/29/19

    We also have a lot of dine and donate fundraisers coming this season.  We will keep you posted!

    Hope to see you on deck!

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