Off Season update

    HI Team, 

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the new Board members - 

    Maureen Banuelos and Heidi Vasarhely - Co-Presidents

    Phil Malgren - VP

    Dani Lewis - Secretary

    Brandi Alfonso - Treasurer

    Members of the board - 

    Kristy Ramirez

    Monica Torres

    Darryl Ng

    Brett Whitmarsh

    Paul Driver

    Lynn Phan

    Welcome to the board!  

    Another important piece of business is that Coach Deanna has let us know that she has to retire from Coaching Swimming. We wish her the best and hope that she visits in the future.  With that said, we need to spread the word that we are in need of a new Co-Head Coach.  While the board continues the search please put feelers out for a suitable coach.  They can submit a resume to

    Thank you all.

    Happy Fall!


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