County meet survey

    Hi team, as some of you may know the county meet has made some changes.  There is a new committee that is looking for some input. Below is their emails and a survey link. Please take a moment  to give your feed back and input.


    Hello everyone, Please find the link to the survey for you to express opinions about the future of recreational swimming in our area. The survey will be open until 11:30 pm on Thursday 9/20. Please share the link with any interested stakeholders. There are only 10 questions, but plenty of places for you to add input if we didn't address some of the specifics that you would like to include. We tried to incorporate as many of the questions that you sent in, as possible while keeping the overall survey short and sweet.

    TO Clarify:
    • We believe that the survey should represent a cross section of all of the stakeholders in recreational swimming. Please share with as many people as might be interested, regardless of their role on your team. That is why we included a place to identify your role.
    • If there is a question that might not offer the appropriate choice for your answer, please feel free to skip the question and include your preferred answer in the final comment section or if that particular question has a place for commentary, please answer as you wish and explain if you would like.
    • We realize that some of the questions asked might seem premature based on the critical path that we presented, but we believe that the decision to organize is strongly tied to the resolve to see the process through. Consideration of all scenarios may be important as teams and leagues make final decisions, and some of these answers may help to provide clarity. The intent was not to force anyone to make firm decisions now.
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